To wholesale customer


If you wish to become the wholesaler of our products or you would like to buy products in a bigger quantity, then you should contact our sales department. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via phone 510 10 20 / 534 36824 or send us an e-mail via andre@avsk.ee


There's a 15-35% discount (according to the product group) from retail prices to our wholesale customers.


It does not matter whether Your field is in  the sale of car parts, car repair, auto diagnostics, bodywork and / or paint jobs, whether You are already experienced in the market or just started out - we are always ready to offer You the best deals.


To car paint technicians, we advise you to get to know our products. Car paints, preparation and finishing products: http://www.avsk.ee/est/tooted/auto-varvimine-ja-eeltood_611/


Mixing car paints using KAPCI and DuPont (Cromax):