Ühikuhinna kalkulaator

Unit Price €(l/kg)

Product pictures are for illustration purposes.

Balled-up products and packed products

Balled-up and packed products (tubes, cords, cables, bolts, screws, nuts and other fastening devices) only available as a whole roll or a package, even if only unit price is shown. If necessary, specify the size of the package and the unit/package price.

Bicycles are packed in carton boxes and are not fully assembled.


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  • Select the desired products and quantities. 
  • Confirm your selection by clicking the 'Add to Cart' button.
  • Before finishing the order, click the 'Shopping Cart' button and double check your order.
  • After preview you can finish your order by clicking  'Order' button and then paying for your order. You van pay through the bank link. A copy of the prepayment order will be sent on your e-mail. 
  • The order will be dealt with after payment has been received. 
  • Deilvery time for goods is 1-14 days. Order from factory can take more than 14 days.

By paying for your order you confirm that you want to order the desired item and you agree with A.V.S.K. OÜ ( terms of use and return. 


If you're unsure of the product's suitability for your car or its model, or if you can't find the right detail in our product catalog, then you can ask us. We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible and we will try to help you as best as we can.  You can contact us:

  • By writing to
  • Calling customer service +372 588 36059 või +372 655 9880

How will I receive the ordered items?

You can use postal service that will deliver the item(s) to your door or come and get the item(s) from our store in Tallinn or in Märjamaa.

  • Special shipping prices applies to orders if (inquiry has to made before payment):
    • Order weight exceeds 31kg.
    • Big and long sized products/packages (for example 7m length ladder).
    • International orders.


  • You can come and get the ordered products by yourself
    • No transport fee will be added to the order when the customer will come and get the product themselves
    • Address: Tallinn, Valdeku 1207
    • Monday through Friday 7:00-19:00, Saturday through Sunday 8:00 – 16:00
    • Ordered item will be given out by proving your identification (passport, ID-card or driver's license).
    • Before you come and get the item, wait for approval that the item has arrived or contact us beforehand.
  • Postal service will deliver the item to the address that you have given us. Cost: 4.80 €. Applies to only domestic transport. You should contact us for shipping outside of Estonia.
  • Maximum weight of one hand package is 31,5kg. If the weight is higher then a postal fee of 20€ will be added.
  • If the courier won't be able to contact you by phone, a notification will be left in your inbox and you will receive the order from the nearest postal office. In order to avoid this kind of situation, please enter your phone number in user settings so that the courier can make an appointment with you beforehand. The post office will store the shipments for 7 calendar days from the day the shipment arrived in postal office. Storing is charged (0.30 € / day) – the deposit fee will apply from the next day on after the notice has been left in your inbox. 

Return of goods

Incorrectly ordered product(s) are refunded 100% from their cost.

Refund requirements

  • The item can be returned within 30 days after the product has been delivered to the customer (within 14 days the customer has to express their wish for the return of the product)
  • The packaging of the returned product must be intact and clean (the commercial appearance of the product has to be maintained)
  • Returned product must be unused.
  • Damaged products will not be returned.
  • The product must be packed in such a way that it won't get damaged during return shipping.
  • DO NOT write on the package, nor you must not stick packaging tape/glue on the packaging.

Written return statement should be emailed to and if any questions arise please contact +372 588 36059 or +372 6559880.

Privacy policy

  • We respect your privacy. All information collected on this website is strictly confidential and is not sold, used again, rented, lented or disclosed in any other way. All kind of information that is given to will be kept extremely carefully and will not be used in any way without your consent.

 A.V.S.K. OÜ use and return policy

These conditions are governed by A.V.S.K. OÜ (hereinafter reffered to A.V.S.K. OÜ) in the use of services provided by private individuals or legal entities (hereinafter customer).

Using the service of A.V.S.K. OÜ the customer confirms that they have read and understood the terms and conditions and fully agrees with them. Customer who does not agree with the terms and conditions is obligated to immediately stop using the services of A.V.S.K. OÜ and ongoing orders will be discontinued. The customer is responsible for the violation of terms of use, damage and any other consequences arising from the activities by them in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Estonia. Copying or reproduction of images, product info or any other part that is displayed on the webpage of A.V.S.K. OÜ is prohibited without A.V.S.K. OÜ written statement.

Pictures on the webpage of A.V.S.K. OÜ are illustrative only. Customer must ask any additional information about the product(s) in case the product's suitability for the customer is unclear or there are any other questions that may affect product's suitability. A.V.S.K. OÜ is obliged to answer questions about products within 5 business days.

The order will be dealt immediately after it has been sent by A.V.S.K. OÜ to the customer and has been payed by the customer. By paying for the order, the customer confirms that the ordered product or products and the quantity of them has been checked by the customer, and if there were any questions in regards to product compatibility, then these questions have been asked from  A.V.S.K. OÜ.

Additional information:
In case of non-compliance with the terms and conditions of the purchased products, the consumer may rely on the choices provided by law. The consumer may file a complaint against a product or a service, that does not comply with the terms of the contract for 2 years to any of A.V.S.K. OÜ addresses - car parts and bicycle store in Tallinn (Valdeku 120) or by using our e-mail
If the consumer does not agree with the solution offered by the trader he/she may submit an application for resolving the dispute to ADR entity, which is the Consumer Disputes Committee at the Consumer Protection Board (Rahukohtu 2 Tallinn 10130, GSM 6201707,